Rainbow Shaman Pathways for Healing


Sacred Fire Ceremonies

    Each New Moon and Full Moon in a month offers a time for us to honor Earth Mother, all the elementals (earth,water, wind, fire), and Great Spirit, along with all the helpers of True Christ Consciousness. During this time the energies from the moon are very strong. This is a time to open Sacred Space, call in the Archetypes and the four directions and have a fire ceremony. In doing so, it affords us a time to honor and show gratitude to Great Spirit, Earth Mother, Earth Father, the Archetypes, all of our relations, the ancient ones, grey hairs, and members of our lineage, Father Sun,  Grandmother Moon and the Star Nations. During this time we are able to call upon the helpers to assist us, guide us, heal us, and leave what is not for our highest good behind. This is a time when we are able to release what is not for our highest good and renew ourselves. Then ask to have all the voids, spaces, holes and cracks that are now empty, filled with Love, Light, and God Force Energy. 


 For All Fire Ceremonies:Always come ready to ceremony outdoors. In other words, dress for the weather or possible weather. If the conditions are not conducive for outside ceremony, we will ceremony inside. Have your intentions in your mind or written down on paper. If you're not sure of your intentions and want to talk, come 10 - 15 minutes early, so that we will have the time to speak. 

  •  R.S.V.P. is required for coming to a fire ceremony.
  • Have water and a fold up chair for yourself.
  •  Be here no later than the designated time set on the Calendar information about the ceremony or event.

  You may contact me by way of email, rainbowshamanways@gmail.com, or call me at 719-214-1014. You may also utilize the "Message Me" tab up at the top to get a message to me.

Each Fire Ceremony will take place at 27964 Cumbres Drive, Pueblo, Colorado. 

 A donation, ayni, or sacred reciprocity of $20 - $25.00 for energy exchange is gratefully, humbly, and graciously  accepted and appreciated.